Bloomington Obedience Training Club

Agility Classes

Agility Foundations Class: Agility Foundations will give you a solid beginning in the skills you and your dog need to develop a great agility team. It will also help you build a strong relationship with your dog and start to learn the basics of handling and equipment. Your dog should have basic obedience skills or complete a beginning obedience class prior to taking Agility Foundations class.

Dogs must be at least 10 months old at start of the class.

Your dog must have a minimum of 8 weeks beginner obedience training prior to taking Agility Foundations.

The Foundations class is a prerequisite for Beginning Agility.

Registration for this class will begin 5 weeks before the start date for BOTC members and 4 weeks for non-members.

Beginning Agility I, II, III: Dogs that have successfully completed foundations class are ready for Beginning agility! You will continue to learn to safely and correctly handle your dog through the obstacles that make up an agility course. You will advance to regular agility classes when your dog is able to confidently do all obstacles at full height. Agility Foundations class or permission of the Director of Agility are required for Beginning agility classes.

Regular Agility: You will progress through Intermediate, Novice and Advanced classes at your own pace. You and your dog will do more advanced combinations of obstacles with increased speed and emphasis on safety and fun! Regular agility courses are designed to prepare students for competition, although we realize not all students will go on to compete.

Come join us in this great dog sport!