Bloomington Obedience Training Club

BOTC Board of Directors

Bloomington Obedience Training Club is operated according to its by-laws that are approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC). As part of the by-laws, a volunteer Board of Directors meet at least once a month to guide and direct the club operations. Board members are nominated and then elected to serve a two-year term. Generally, Board members have been members of the club for several years and have been active volunteers before deciding to accept a Board position.  


 Bloomington Obedience Training Club is run and operated by volunteer members who love dogs and dog training and want to share their knowledge with other dog owners. We have over 40 dedicated volunteers from instructors, front desk people, committee chairs, members, and cleaning crews.  It takes many dedicated volunteers to continue to provide the quality instruction, equipment and facilities that BOTC is known for. The following list is only a representation of who our member volunteers are and what they contribute to the success of BOTC throughout the year.

Board of Directors:

President:  Jo Schwietz

Vice President :   Peg Gerold

Secretary: Alysha Riel

Treasurer: Donna Bonnicksen

Board Member:  Kim Burbank

Board Member:  Jacquie Cripe

Board Member:  Peg Hegg

Training Directors:

Agility:  Kathy Kelly

Obedience:   Rose Miller

Conformation:  Jill Hoffbeck

Flyball:   Sara Chouinard

Specialty:   Jan Hopper

Volunteer Officers:

Website Administrator:  Kelly Erskine

Annual Banquet Coordinator: current Vice President

Front Desk Administrator & Retail Inventory: Tawnya Riggs

Newsletter: Jacquie Cripe

Building Landlord Liaison:  Peg Gerold

Building Maintenance:  Building Committee (Peg Gerold – Board Liaison)

Building Supplies:  Peg Hegg

Club Rental:   Kim Burbank

Trial Committees

Fall Obedience & Rally Trial Committee:

Committee Chair:   Kelly Erskine

Chief Ring Steward:  Rose Miller

Grounds & Equipment Coordinator:  April McGuire

Hospitality Coordinator:   Crystal Pfisterer

Awards Coordinator:  Bonnie Swanson

Email: [email protected]

Spring Obedience & Rally Trial Committee: 

Committee Chair:   Donna Bonnicksen

Chief Ring Steward: Amie Youngdahl

Grounds & Equipment Coordinator: Lisa Daniels

Hospitality Coordinator:  Tawnya Riggs

Awards Coordinator:   Sarah Chouinard

Email: [email protected]

Agility Trial Committee:

Committee Chair:  Rendina McFadden

Awards Coordinator:   Kathy Kelly

Facilities Management:              Trudi Woodard 

Judge Hospitality:  Dawn Torine

Volunteer Coordinator:  Julie Maes

Food Coordinator:   Hannah Springer

Email:   [email protected]